About .shop

.shop is operated by GMO Registry. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company was established in 2009 with a vision of building the global home of ecommerce. A secure meaningful and trusted namespace for ecommerce and indeed all shops both online and off. Today we operate more than 40 Top Level Domains including .tokyo and other Japanese geo domains, as well as dedicated brand TLDs for some of Japan's largest corporate brands. With the coming launch of .shop in 2016, this is the year we are set to begin turning our vision into reality.

GMO Registry is a member of the GMO Internet Group. GMO Internet Group is an Internet services industry leader, developing and operating Japan’s most widely used domain, hosting & cloud, ecommerce, security, and payment solutions. The Group also comprises the world’s largest online FX trading platform, as well as online advertising, Internet media, and mobile entertainment products. GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE: 9449) is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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A domain is an important marketing tool for any ecommerce business. Your domain name is your business identity and a short, meaningful and brandable domain name can differentiate you from your competitors by clearly identifying what it is that your business does, and making it easy for customers to remember where they can find you online.

Hiro Tsukahara
CEO, GMO Registry

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