How to Set Up Your Instagram Shop and Increase Conversions

How to Set Up Your Instagram Shop and Increase Conversions

Table of Contents:

  1. Check Your Account Settings
  2. Build Your Online Catalog
  3. Plan Your Marketing Strategy (While You Wait)
  4. Turn on Shopping Features
  5. Start Tagging Your Posts
  6. Add Stickers to Your Stories

Take your e-commerce shop to social media! Instagram shops are incredibly easy to set up, and the sales potential is huge. After a decade of growth, Instagram is still one of the most popular apps in the world, and there are over 1 billion global users. In the US alone, more than 630 million people sign in to use the app every day!

Instagram shops simplify the shopping process even more, so customers can see items in action and purchase with just a few clicks. The setup process is just as simple for e-commerce brands. If your business is located in a supported market, you can connect your catalog and start tagging products for followers in just a few days:

Check Your Account Settings

Instagram shop is only available for business profiles, so make sure to convert your personal account, if you haven’t done so yet. Then, add or change your connected Facebook page so that you’re ready to catalog your inventory.

Build Your Online Catalog

If your online webshop uses Shopify and BigCommerce, you’re in luck! Both of those e-commerce platforms have partnered with Facebook to provide easy integration. Or do it yourself by following step-by-step instructions in Facebook Business Manager.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy (While You Wait)

After your catalog is uploaded, you’ll need to wait for Instagram’s approval. For most businesses, the review process only takes a couple of days, so you can use this waiting period to plan ahead and perfect your social media marketing strategy.

If you don’t have a .shop domain set up for your online webshop yet, now is the perfect time to snag it! Instagram’s Shopping features are still expanding with a variety of exciting beta tools that are being tested with certain brands and markets. From VR product try-ons to an in-app checkout process, Instagram is committed to merging social media and e-commerce in a whole new way.

It’s a good idea to promote this a .shop link in your bio, especially if you’re also taking advantage of Instagram shopping. The short domain is memorable and universally understood, so your store will always be easy to find! Use to register and launch your .shop domain while you wait for Instagram’s approval.

Turn on Shopping Features

You’ve been approved – congrats! Now, it’s time to confirm the last few tweaks to your account settings. Tap business, then shopping, and finally select the product catalog that you want to connect.

Start Tagging Your Posts

Fill your feed with eye-catching photos and videos that show your products in the best light. Just like all of your social media posts, Instagram allows you to add filters, include hashtags, set geotags, tag other accounts, and write witty captions that are ready to go viral. Maintain your iconic brand style with consistent marketing and editing to create the perfect Instagram feed.

The tagging process is simple, and it’s a lot like tagging friends. Tap on the photo where you’d like to tag a specific product. Then, search for the name of the item in your catalog. Done. It’s that easy!

You can tag up to five different products in a single image or video, which is perfect for head-to-toe lifestyle images and outfit flat lays. Take your shopping posts to the next level with swipe-worthy photo collections. Instagram Shopping allows up to 20 product tags for each carousel.

Add Stickers to Your Stories

Instagram stories should be a huge part of your social media marketing strategy. Did you know that 1/3 of the most viewed stories are posted by businesses? Now you can seamlessly tie e-commerce marketing into your daily content.

Shopping stickers are more flexible than product tags for posts on your feed. Tap the sticker icon in the corner and select product stickers from the options. Drag and drop the sticker wherever you’d like to place it, just like normal.

You can also customize the text color to match your story’s aesthetic. Just tap the sticker and change the design settings for a flawless look. Currently, you can only add one product sticker to your story. If you’d like to highlight a complete look, get creative with multi-part videos to tag more than one product in your story.

Have you considered launching special promotions and flash sales in your story with product stickers? Instagram stories are also the perfect opportunity to share and tag user-generated content that shows a more authentic view of your products. The options are endless!

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