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Because everyone, everywhere, loves to .shop

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Leading brands choose a
.shop name for an online
shopping address

Why .shop?

Launch your online
business like a boss

22% of the global population now shops online and sales are set to reach $5 trillion by 2021. Whether you want to start or grow your business, getting the right name is crucial to success. A .shop domain is the only domain which is short, memorable and universally understood in languages around the world, helping you to stand out in an ever expanding crowd.

You have a shop. They want to shop

Sell better with a .shop domain

Whether you are a large enterprise or a team of one, a .shop domain name makes it easy for customers everywhere to instantly know you are open for business.

Mobile shopping has revolutionised the landscape and there are now multiple channels in a shopping journey. A .shop domain gives your shop an intuitive address through unique and creative keyword opportunities which help your brand and products be promoted and found.

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The number 1 domain for ecommerce

1,000,000 active domain

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Not just for ecommerce