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AI for e-commerce: hacks to help your business thrive


Is everything AI?

Almost all cloud-based services use artificial intelligence and machine learning to some degree. Which raises the question; What isn’t AI? For the purposes of this blog, we’re looking at tools that use AI to help you do four things:

- Be at your best

- Turbocharge your website

- Streamline customer service

- Maximize your marketing budget

One word of caution: the costs of subscribing to cloud-based apps can add up quickly. So before you subscribe to an AI-powered service, make sure you get a free trial. Try out the app, see if it adds value, and if it doesn’t: cancel your trial before you incur a fee.

1. Be at your best

Many e-commerce businesses are run and operated by individuals or small teams. This puts pressure on entrepreneurs to be in top condition. Let’s look at how AI tools can help you get organized and fire on all cylinders.

Take control of your time

AI productivity apps will help you plan your day and focus on one task at a time. Get organized and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Get moving

Struggling to get enough exercise? AI-powered fitness apps will help you add healthy routines to your day. They’ll also tailor your exercise plans to your goals and health status. And remember: any exercise is better than no exercise.

Work as an A-Team

Is your team organized and well-coordinated? If yes – bravo! But if you have room for improvement, then search for AI-powered team tools. You’ll find hundreds of cloud-based solutions for every budget. If you’re a small team, then our tip is to go for a simple option. The easier a tool is to use, the more likely the team will embrace it.

2. Turbocharge your website

Whether you’re new to e-commerce or a seasoned professional, AI-driven tools will help you get the most out of your online shop.

Use an e-commerce platform

Starting your website from scratch? Build your site using an e-commerce platform and you’ll get access to a host of AI-powered tools to help you create content and site features.

Generate product descriptions

If you want your product descriptions to be unique and eye-catching, then write the first draft yourself - adding your own flavor to them. You can then edit and proof your copy by running it through services like ChatGPT or Grammarly. Be sure to read through the AI-generated copy to make sure it still sounds like your voice.

Offer product recommendations

As consumers, we are all used to getting AI-generated recommendations – whether we’re watching TV or shopping online. If your product range is large enough, check out product recommendation engines to serve up enticing suggestions to your customers.

Solve abandoned cart issues

It’s so frustrating: someone almost makes a purchase on your site, then abandons their cart. But don’t despair. Most e-commerce platforms offer plugins that uncover the reasons for cart abandonment and find solutions. You can also use standalone tools that integrate with websites and e-commerce platforms.

3. Streamline your customer service

Customers want online shops to respond to questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. AI tools can help you take your service levels up a notch.

Fire up the chatbots

Customers love to get intimate with brands. Research shows that personalization is a key driver of revenue growth. One way to achieve this is with AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated every day, so you might be surprised how effectively they can bring a touch of personalization to your brand.

Explore sentiment analysis

As your business matures, you will start to amass a wealth of data and information about your customers. Want to know what this information says about your brand? Sentiment analysis tools take a scientific approach to analyzing what your customers are saying, thinking and feeling. Time to get under the skin of your customers.

4. Maximize your marketing budget

Want the world to know about your online shop? Then ramp up your marketing strategy. AI-driven tools can help you reach a wider audience, without having to hire a marketing team to make it happen.

Generate social media content

Having a strong social media presence can help your e-commerce brand punch above its weight. The problem is time: planning, writing and posting high-quality social media posts does not happen by magic. But with AI-powered tools, it can feel like magic. Check out this list of social media services that will help you create, manage and optimize social media content.

Automate your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing can be highly effective, but it takes time and skill to put together targeted newsletters. Search for AI-powered email marketing to find platforms and services that automate parts of the process, saving you valuable time – and leading to professional results.

Create shoppable videos

Take your video content to the next level with shoppable videos. These work by embedding a link in a video, so that viewers can click on the film to be taken to the product.

Wrapping up

We hope you’ve found this article useful. Have we missed an AI-powered app that you value? Feel free to get in touch – we love sharing stories and helping our community of e-commerce entrepreneurs to prosper.

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